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USB Data Acquisition Modules

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The D8000 USB Data Acquisition modules are a complete family of data acquisition modules for use in process control systems. These modules can measure process signals such as thermocouples, 4-20mA loops, discrete contact closures, and they can generate voltage or current signals for controlling annunciators or valves. Complete data acquisition systems can be created with ease with the D8000 modules and a host supervisory computer.

The modules provide direct connection to a wide variety of sensors and annunciators. They perform all signal conditioning and linearization and contain no pots or DIP switches. All user-selectable settings, such as ranges are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM, which maintains these values even after power is removed. 

Software Compatibility
The D8000 series remote I/O modules are compatible with all commercial software programs and OPC servers that support the Modbus RTU protocol. Commercials software programs from DreamReport, Wonderware, Intellution, National Instruments Labview, Indusoft, DAQFactory and DASYLab all support the Modbus RTU protocol. OPC Servers from Kepware and MatrikonOPC support the Modbus RTU protocol.

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  • Build complete data acquisition systems.
• Analog and Digital I/O models available.
• User-selectable analog input range per channel.
• USB communications interface.
• Modbus RTU Protocol.
• Differential Analog Inputs.
• 500Vrms analog input or analog output isolation.
• 16-bit analog input measurement resolution.
• Continuous self-calibration
• No adjustments required.
• Programmable analog input digital filters.
• Requires +10V to +30Vdc unregulated supply.
• Removable screw terminal plug connectors.
• CE marked.

• Process monitoring and control
• Data logging to any host computer
• Product testing

DIN-RAIL Mounting
The D8000 series modules can also be mounted on a DIN-Rail using the MK-1 mounting kit.
D8000 USB Data Acquisition Modules.

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  Users Manual     Utility Software
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  Environmentals     Commercial Software
  DIN-Rail Kit     Data Logger
  Modbus Overview     Press Release

USB to RS485 Serial Converter - USB-COMi

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The USB-COMi is a USB to RS485 serial converter. It allows easy serial port expansion without requiring IRQ, DMA, or I/O port resources. The converter allows the user to easily and economically connect RS485 devices to a host using USB. The RS485 communications standard is used by DGH sensor based data acquisition modules and many industrial control devices.

The converter is based on a single chip USB UART for transferring serial data over the Universal Serial Bus without the need for card-slots. The converter has an internal 128 byte transmit buffer FIFO and a 384 byte receive buffer FIFO. It supports baud rates of up to 230K. External power is not required since USB-COMi takes its power from the bus. Connection to USB is via a 3-foot detachable cable. Connection to RS485 is thru the converters DB-9 male connector.

The converter can interface DGH RS485 modules to a host using a USB connection. When using the USB-COMi with a DGH module or any RS485 device that requires wiring, DGH recommends its’ CA-3 cable. The CA-3 is a 3-foot serial cable with a female DB-9 connector and tinned wires ready for connection to RS485.

USB to RS-485 Network

Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured in the U.S.A.
DGH USB-COMi, USB to RS-485 Converter
USB to RS485 Converter
Documentation Drivers

  Datasheet     Win2K, WinXP, WinServer2003
  Connection Diagram     Win98, WinSE, WinME
  Installation Guide     Windows Vista
  CA-3 Serial Cable     Windows 7
      Windows 8
      Windows 8.1
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