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DIN-130 Thermocouple Input Modbus Modules

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The DIN-130 thermocouple input Modbus modules convert analog input signals to digital data and transmit via RS-485 using the Modbus RTU protocol for communication.  The modules provide a wide variety of ranges and perform all signal conditioning, scaling, thermocouple linearization and conversion to either linearized ASCII data values or Modbus percent of full scale binary values.  
Types: J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C (Factory Set)
Accuracy (errors from all sources) from 0 to +40C ambient: +/-1deg C max (J,K,T,E types). +/-2.5 deg C max for (R,S,B,C types).
Resolution: 1 degree C.
Common mode rejection: 100db at 50/60 Hz.
Lead resistance effect: <20uV per 350 ohms.
Input burnout protection to 250 VAC.
Input impedance: 100 megohm min.
Open thermocouple indication.
Overrange Indication.
Automatic cold junction compensation and linearization.
Thermocouple Measurement Ranges:
J= -200 to +760 C B= 0 to +1820 C
K= -150 to +1250 C S= 0 to +1750 C
T= -200 to +400 C R= 0 to +1750 C
E= -100 to +1000 C C= 0 to +2315 C
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Typical DIN-130 Module  

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DIN-130 Series Accessories
 Kepware KepServer OPC Software  
 CA-2 Serial Cable, 9 Pin-M to 9 Pin-F
 DIN-191 RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
 PS-1 +5.0Vdc @ 5.0 amps
85-265VAC, DIN Mount Switching Supply
 PS-2 +5.0Vdc @ 2.0amps
100-240VAC, Wall Mount Power Supply
All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.
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