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Modbus Data Acquisition (DAQ) - D5000M

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The D5000M Modbus data acquisition (DAQ) uses the Modbus RTU protocol for communication. The D5000M are complete four-channel data acquisition systems that are well suited to applications such as SCADA, data monitoring, data loggers, PLC's, process controllers and instrumentation. The modules convert an analog input signal to engineering units and transmit in ASCII data format to any host or PLC with RS485 or RS232 serial ports. The D5000M Modbus DAS series analog signal input types include Voltage, Current and Temperature.

The D5000M DAQ series converts the digital signal data into engineering units using look-up tables. The resultant data is stored in a memory buffer. The module's ADC continuously converts data at the rate of 8 conversions per second and stores the latest result in the buffer.

Using RS485 up to 247 Modbus DAQ modules may be linked to an RS485 port or PLC. Since Modbus protocol does not support echoing, D5000M RS232 modules may not be daisy-chained. This limits you to one module per RS232 serial port.

The single analog input D5000M DAQ series provides an isolated 15-bit measurement ADC and discrete digital I/O bits for controlling solid state relays or sensing contact closures.

DIN-100 Modbus series are low cost single channel modules that are DIN rail mountable.
D5100M Voltage +/-100mV, +/-1V, +/-5V, +/-10V, +/-100V
D5200M Current 4-20mA
D5300M Thermocouple J, K, T, E Types
D5400M Thermistor 2252 Ohm
Modbus Software Compatibility

The DGH Modbus I/O modules are compatible with all commercial software programs and OPC servers that support the Modbus RTU protocol. Commercials software programs from Wonderware, DreamReport, National Instruments LabVIEW, and Dasylab all support the Modbus RTU protocol.

OPC Servers from Kepware and MatrikonOPC support the Modbus RTU protocol and can be used to connect with other software programs.
Labview Block Diagram using Modbus Driver! LabVIEW Block Diagram using Modbus Serial Driver
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