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Digital I/O Modbus Modules - 15 Bit

The D1700M digital I/O modules allow a host computer to control thousands of digital I/O points from one serial port when using RS-485 and repeaters in Modbus RTU format. When using RS-232 in Modbus format you are limited to one module. The status of inputs and outputs is communicated to the host in either Modbus RTU or DGH ASCII format using RS-232 or RS-485 serial communications. 

All user selectable options (address, baud rate, etc.) are done through the communications port and are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory.

D1711M and D1712M

The D1711M and D1712M Digital I/O modules contain 15 user-selectable input/output bits. The bits can be individually programmed as digital inputs or digital outputs. A user-programmable Initial value can be assigned to each digital output bit, to turn "on" or "off" on power-up.

The modules contain a communications "watchdog" timer that can move the digital outputs to a safe-condition in the event of a communications link failure.   

The D1711M contains an RS-232 serial output and the D1712M contains an RS-485 serial output.

Digital Inputs
Up to 15 Digital Inputs.
Input Levels: 0-30Vdc.
Input High level, 3.5V min.
Input Low Level, 1.0V max.
Digital Outputs
Up to 15 Digital Outputs.
Open-collector to 30Vdc.
Max Load: 100mA per bit.
VSat: 1.0Vdc @ 100mA.
Modbus RTU Protocol.
Baud Rate: 300-115,200.
247 modules per port.
Parity: Odd, Even, None.
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Digital I/O Modules:

  D1711M 15 I/O Bits, RS-232
  D1712M 15 I/O Bits, RS-485
  CA-3 RS-232 Serial Cable, 9 Pin-F to tin leads
  MK-1 DIN-Rail Mounting Kit

+24.0Vdc @ 0.42 amps

100-240VAC, Wall Mount Power Supply 

  Kepware KepServer OPC Software
  A1000-115 AC Powered, 115VAC, RS-485 Converter

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