D1600 Frequency Input Modules



The  D1600 ADC module converts frequency and pulse sensor input signals to digital information, linearizes the digital data, scales the data and communicates the values to a host computer or PLC. The data values are transmitted in ASCII  to a host computer via RS232 or RS485 .

The D1600 series modules can also be mounted on a DIN-Rail using the MK-1 mounting kit.

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Typical RS-232 Frequency Module
Overall Specifications:
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Typical RS-485 Frequency Module
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Mechanical Dimensions
Ethernet Connection
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Input Impedance: 1megohm min.
Switching Level: selectable 0V, +2.5V.
Hysteresis: Adjustable 10mV to 1.0V.
Input protection to 250Vac.
One digital input (/Events counter on 160x and 161x modules).
Frequency and Timer Inputs
Resolution: 0.005% of reading + 0.01Hz.
Accuracy: +/-0.01% of reading plus +/-10uS.
Tempco: +/-20ppm/deg C.
Events Counter Input
Input Bandwidth: 60Hz, (optional 20Khz).
Up to 10 million positive transitions.
Input signal level without damage: +/-30Vdc max.
Accumulator Input
Pulse count: Up to 10 million positive transitions.
Resolution: 0.005% of reading + 0.01Hz (frequency).
Resolution: 0.005% of reading plus 0.01uS (timer).
Accuracy: +/-0.01% of frequency reading +/-0.01Hz.
Accuracy: +/-0.01% of timer reading plus 10uS.
Tempco: +/-20ppm/deg C.

Frequency Measurement Modules:

  D1601 1Hz to 20Khz Input/RS-232 Output
  D1602 1Hz to 20Khz Input/RS-485 Output
  D1611 100uS to 30Sec. Input/RS-232 Output
  D1612 100uS to 30Sec. Input/RS-485 Output
  D1621 60Hz Events Counter/RS-232 Output
  D1622 60Hz Events Counter/RS-485 Output
  D1631 1Hz to 10Khz Accumulator/RS-232 Output
  D1632 1Hz to 10Khz Accumulator/RS-485 Output
  D1641 100uS to 30Sec. Accumulator/RS-232 Output
  D1642 100uS to 30Sec. Accumulator/RS-485 Output
  CA-3 RS-232 Serial Cable, 9 Pin-F to tin leads
  MK-1 DIN-Rail Mounting Kit

+24.0Vdc @ 0.42 amps

100-240VAC, Wall Mount Power Supply 

  DasyLab Dasylab Software
  A1000-115 AC Powered, 115VAC, RS-485 Converter
  A3000-110 Serial to Ethernet Converter, w/110Vac Adapter
  A3000-220 Serial to Ethernet Converter, w/220Vac Adapter