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Analog Outputs
D1700 Series Digital I/O Products
Analog Inputs
   D1000 Series Single Channel
   D5000 Series Four Channel
   D5000M Series Four Channel Modbus
   DIN-100 Series
     DIN-110 Series Voltage Inputs
     DIN-120 Series Current Inputs
     DIN-130 Series Thermocouple Inputs
     DIN-140 Series RTD Inputs
     DIN-150 Series Bridge Inputs
     DIN-160 Series Frequency Inputs
     DIN-170 Series Digital I/O
   D2000 Series Single Channel Programmable
   D6000 Series Seven Channel with Modbus
   D8000 Series Seven Channel USB with Modbus

Modbus DIN-100 Analog Input Modules

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The DIN-100 Modbus data acquisition modules (DAQ) are designed for systems based on the Modbus RTU protocol. The modules convert analog input signals to digital data and transmit via RS485 to a controller which may be a computer or other processor-based equipment. The DAQ modules provide data acquisition from a wide variety of sensors and perform all signal conditioning, scaling, linearization and conversion to either linearized ASCII data values or Modbus percent of full scale binary values.

The DIN-100 data acquisition modules can measure temperature, load cells, bridges, voltage, current, frequency, as well as digital inputs and digital outputs.

The DIN-100 series is designed to be mounted on the industry standard DIN rail.
DIN-110 Voltage +/-10mv, +/-100mV, +/-1V, +/-5V, +/-10V, +/-100V
DIN-120 Current 4-20mA
DIN-130 Thermocouple J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C
DIN-140 RTD .00385, .00388, .00392
DIN-145 Thermistor 2252 Ohm, Honeywell TD Series
DIN-150 Bridge +/-30mV, +/-100mV
DIN-160 Frequency 1 Hz to 20KHz
DIN-170 Digital I/O Digital I/O Modules
DIN-190 Converters RS-232 to RS-485 Serial Converters
Modbus Software Compatibility

The DGH DIN-100 Modbus I/O modules are compatible with all commercial software programs and OPC servers that support the Modbus RTU protocol. Commercials software programs from Wonderware, Intellution, National Instruments LabVIEW, and Dasylab all support the Modbus RTU protocol.

OPC Servers from Kepware and MatrikonOPC support the Modbus RTU protocol and can be used to connect with other software programs.
Labview Block Diagram using Modbus Driver! LabVIEW Block Diagram using Modbus Serial Driver
DGH DIN-100 Series Analog Input Modules
DIN-100 Modbus Modules

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