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Analog Outputs
   D3100 Series Voltage Output
   D3200 Series Current Output
   D4100 Series Programmable Voltage Output
   D4200 Series Programmable Current Output
   D3100M Voltage Outputs with Modbus
   D3200M Current Outputs with Modbus
D1700 Series Digital I/O Products
Analog Inputs

D3000/D4000 Analog Outputs   Analog Output Signal Types   Product Images

The DGH D3000/D4000 series digital to analog output modules convert an serial digital input to a voltage or current output. They communicate using through an RS232 or RS485 serial port. Simple commands are used to control a 12-bit Digital to Analog Converter which is scaled to commonly used current and voltage ranges.

The combination of an accurate high-resolution D/A and a dedicated microprocessor produces a very powerful intelligent interface between the host and the D/A.  The D4000 series analog output modules provide intelligent features not found in the D3000. See data sheet for details.

The D3000/4000 D/A series are compatible with the DGH D1000 and D2000 series and may be mixed in any order.

The D3000/D4000 series DAC modules can also be mounted on a DIN-Rail using the MK-1 mounting kit.
Buy Output Ranges
D3100, D4100 Voltage 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V,
+/-1V, +/-5V, +/-10V
D3200, D4200 Current 0-20mA, 4-20mA

D3000M Modbus Analog Output Modules

Users of the Modbus RTU protocol should consider the 'D3000M' series analog output modules. The D3000M series is similar to the D3000 series but communicates using the serial 'RTU' version of the Modbus protocol in RS485. The D3000M provides a direct connection to a Modbus port or PLC.
Standard D-Series Module Click to Enlarge
DAC Module Module with MK-1

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